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A conceptual design for a new circular product range



Project details

Client: Qumey Metaalindustrie B.V.

Project scope:  A conceptual design of a new circular product range captured in one descriptive image. 


circular product range

Project background
In this project we created a conceptual design of a new circular product range for Qumey. Based on the objectives provided by Qumey we created a descriptive image that captures the different designs, tells the sustainability story of the product and highlights the product's unique features. 

The project approach consisted of three stages:

1. Defining and prioritising the most critical design elements.
2. Creating a first conceptual design.
3. Optimising the product design and storytelling based on the client's feedback.

- Mapping the design criteria based on client's input;

- Conceptual digital drawing of product and story;
- Online feedback sessions to optimise design.

A conceptual image that captures the different designs and allows the client to easily communicate their product vision with stakeholders and the industry.

McCate&Company-Metaalindustrie Qumey B.V_Q-DUS_3D artist impression_final_2023_10_21.png

soon revealed!

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