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Human-centered innovation for a more sustainable future. We are founded with the aim of optimising performance while creating a positive change for all stakeholders.

Our mission is to achieve innovation that brings about positive change in the daily lives of people, businesses and organisations. We aim to inspire people to see change as a way to improve their lives, rather than something that affects their current position. We show how changes today will positively affect the lives of future generations. Important to us is to re-value trust between companies and individuals and to put connection back at the heart of our process.

Friso Kater


Fom a young age I have been attracted to exploring new ideas and challenging existing frameworks. Therefore, as a natural result I started to cultivate and follow this passion in my professional life. My background provides me with the skills to guide and create innovation in a systematic way. This entails identifying customers' needs, translating needs into creative and strategic solutions, communicating through visual concepts and forming product and brand propositions. My experience (co)-founding companies and creating consortia both in the Netherlands and Sweden gives me the ability to learn, understand and act on different communications styles. These roles support me to quickly create and execute a strategic plan to bring innovation to the next level. 

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