Innovation powered by young knowledge. Founded with the aim of optimising businesses' performance and creating positive change for all stakeholders involved.

Our mission is to achieve innovation that brings about positive change in the daily lives of people, businesses and organisations. We aim to inspire people to see change as a way to improve their lives, rather than something that affects their current position. We show how changes today will positively affect the lives of future generations. Important to us is to re-value trust between companies and individuals and to put connection back at the heart of our process.

Friso Kater


From an early age I have been triggered by exploring new ideas and questioning today's frameworks and patterns. Therefore, I was convinced that throughout my professional career I wanted to use this skill to improve a business' or organization's performance. 

My bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering has provided me with the skills to guide and create innovation in a systematic way. My work experience in the Netherlands and abroad has given me the ability to understand and structure the current value position of the company within a brief period of time. My work as a freelancer has shown me how important it is that an innovation adds value to every stakeholder and even more important how this can be clearly presented.